Chang YungTa


Chang Yungta (b. 1981, Taiwan) graduated from Graduate School of Art and Technology at Taipei National University of the Arts in 2009. He currently lives and works in Taipei. Chang Yungta creates works and sound performances, combining topics stretching from sounds, culture, big data, to technology and humanities. We are overcome with fear and tension when faced with the infinite possibilities, which in turn transforms into the feeling of sublime. The minimalist and cold aesthetics are the result of his deliberate attempt to eliminate clues of flaunting and warmth, minimizing emotions to arrive back at reason. From another perspective, sound performance of new media art is often conceived as entertainment performed by a DJ, when in fact it is an immediate interactive experiment and execution of the body, sound, video, and machinery. Chang Yungta creates using cross-disciplinary skills, incorporating all sensory abilities and techniques.


Seen/ Unseen N°0

Seen/ Unseen N°0 [Hyper. data ver.]

Hyper. data- No3 [9ch. ver.]

Hyper. data- No3 [9ch. ver.]

Matrix.24 N°1 [Hyper. data ver.]

Y Phenomenon #1-3 [Quad. ver.2]





Signal. flow [ver. 2.1]