Cai Ze Bin


Cai Zebin was born in 1988 in Guangdong. Graduated from BA in Oil Painting, Guangdong Academy of Fine Arts in 2012, Cai Zebin currently lives and works in Beijing. His selected solo exhibitions include: Olive (NUOART Gallery, Beijing, 2015). His selected group exhibitions include: □ (organized by A+ Contemporary, Asia Art Center Taipei I + II, Taipei,2016), The Twelve Paintings (L-Art Gallery, Chengdu, 2015), Shanghai Deal (Radical Space, Shanghai, 2015), UP-YOUTH China Young Artists Exhibition 2015 (Times Art Museum Beijing, Beijing, 2015), The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (Pekin Gallery, Beijing, 2015).


The Cursed Addendum

The Cursed Addendum(detail)

The Cursed Addendum(detail)

The Cursed Addendum(detail)

An Ideal of the Lower Class

Sliced Beam of Light

Gravity Accompanied by Acrophobia