A+ Contemporary 2016 Yearbook

2016   160×240 mm    56 pages

The curatorial programme of A+ Contemporary consists of exhibitions, forums and publication of scholarly catalogs; its selected presentations center around the different facets of artistic innovation and concepts, and its research scope extends to cross-disciplinary analysis.

In retrospect, curators active in the contemporary art scene, as well as artists from Asia presented for us different facets of art in contemporary context: being a poet and artist himself, He Xun brought the formal beauty of poetry into his paintings and created his unique visual language; Peng Yihusan and Chen Xi “re-presented” physical and psychological, information and sense-making disasters respectively; curator Yang Zi guided us through the traces and marks of artists’ constant struggle with their works, and the arduous journey of their inner conflicts; in Taipei, Exhibition Director Chiang Yuyun showcased younger generation of artists’ innovative intervening methods generated from their high sensitivity to our age; Morgan Wong’s solo show in Taipei wove his personal perception, or micro narrative, into the bigger narrative of social changes in history; we collaborated with non-profit organization “Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong” to unveil the sociality, experimentality and criticality of contemporary sound art; He Yida’s sculptural installations, with their distinct feature of “anti-monumentality”, disintegrated the binary opposition between elite and plebeian cultures; the group exhibition curated by Sun Dongdong demonstrated the variety of interpretations on contemporary “abstraction” by eight participating artists; viewers can follow the four clues set up by curator Wu Jianru – City, Movie, History, and Monologue, to perceive the world of images created by artists.

As a young gallery, we have never shouldered the burden of art history and thereby aspire to develop comradeship with firm believers as well as practitioners of art: standing at the forefront of the era, together we will expand the boundary of art.