Title Visible Light
Artist Dong Dawei
Organizer A+ Contemporary
Duration May 27 – Jul. 1, 2017
Reception May 27 (Sat.) 4pm
Venue Asia Art Center Taipei II|No. 93, Lequn 2nd Rd. Taipei

Visible Light

 Dong Dawei

A+ Contemporary and Asia Art Center are pleased to announce the opening of “Visible Light”, Dong Dawei’s solo exhibition, on May 27th, 2017 at Asia Art Center Taipei ll. The exhibition is on view through July 1st, 2017.

Colors as carrier of light are the pathway into inciting emotions and perceptions; as in our understanding of this world, colors are the intrinsic nature of light and thus the embodiment of “visible light”.

A crucial facet in understanding Dong Dawei’s work lies in his creative techniques through colors and logic. He ingeniously conflates colors, time and space thoroughly to let it cultivate and grow freely which allows his work to take on a unique appearance as the material and the immaterial (space-time) blend into one another. In this solo exhibition, Dong Dawei presents his two signature series – pastel and marker series – to discuss painting’s purity, unpredictability and variations in repetition.

In his pastel series, Dong Dawei uses pastels to draw series of color blocks on different textured materials; the powders flutter and drift downward by gravity – the fallen dust finds itself suddenly intertwined with time and space, creating brilliant color spectrum on the surface. The artist’s meticulous arrangement is a deliberate attempt to stir up immediate response, making time freeze at the very moment when the pastel dust falls. The marker series began as a simple oversight – as an uncapped marker pen with its tip in contact with paper, the ink stain started to grow and spread outward as if a droplet plummeted into the calm water, causing ripples to radiate upon impact. Each of the ink stains bears the difficulty and predicament that the artist faced in the process; through temperature, humidity, time, strength and other organic factors, the ink stains seep deeper and deeper into the paper fibers under the artist’s meticulous control.

Dong Dawei’s work sheds light on the otherwise undetected details of the everyday, allowing the naturally fallen pastel dust and ink stains to assume the leading role, seamlessly preserving the most instantaneous action eternally on the canvas; it abandons a representational narrative approach and instead opts for simple compositional elements such as point, line and plane to restore colors’ intrinsic nature as “visible light”. Through rhythmic and precise repetitions, Dong Dawei is able to manipulate a singular creative approach to its fullest potential, achieving the gentle and delicate qualities in the subtlest changes.



Dust to Dust-Distant Mountains 4

Dust to Dust-Visible Light

Spring of Eden S21

Spring of Eden S25

Rippling bg23bg34-Sx1

Weave Ripples-Ancient Egyptian’s Pool Sx1

Colorful Snake S1

Snake e55-ss1

Weave b01-s1

Rippling b12-s2

Colorless Writing s1

Colorful Writing s1

Auspicious Weave Ripples y2-s1

Colorful Snake R-V S1

Diamond r14-ss1

Colorful Snake ss2

Rippling b23-ss1

Pineapple y2-ss10

Weave Ripples b24b12b00-ss1

Volcano Kiss ss3