Chen Xi

b. 1985   Artist CV

Chen Xi was born in Wuhan (1985). He graduated from Jiangnan University(BA) in 2008, and then graduated from ECNU(MA) in 2012. He currently works and lives in Beijing. Since 2013, Chen Xi’s artworks have included various media, such as painting, video, animation, photography and onsite project. Chen Xi is particularly interested in employing hypothetical thinking while contemplating the real world phenomenon. The hypothesis influences the reality, whether complemented or enhanced. Chen Xi started a new series ( single layer painting) in 2014, while continuing to make 3D animation to date.


Editable Polygon

i am your voices


biu biu biu

Painting Collapsing

The body we invaded will be sent to a crematorium

Hairy Ball and Iron Ball

Example of Dimension Reduction Painting

Single Layer Watercolor No.7

Single Layer Watercolor No.9

Single Layer Acrylic No.1

Single Layer Acrylic No.7

Single Layer Acrylic No.15

I Am Your Matters No.12

Single Layer Acrylic PRO No.1

Single Layer Acrylic No.55

Single Layer Acrylic No.17

I Am Your Matters No.16

Single Layer Acrylic PRO No.2

Single Layer Acrylic No.43

I Am Your Matters No.1

I Am Your Matters PRO NO.1

Impure Stars

I Am Your Matters No.2

I Am Your Matters PRO NO.2

DOn’t Catch Me