Title Pieces of Moments
Artist Zheng  Wenxin
Duration Nov. 11 – Dec. 31, 2017
Reception Nov. 11(Sat.) 4pm
Venue A+ Contemporary|Room 106, Bldg. 7, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai,China

Pieces of Moments

Zheng Wenxin

A+ Contemporary is pleased to announce that we will hold Zheng Wenxin’s solo exhibition “Pieces of Moments” on 11 November. This exhibition will present Zheng Wenxin’s latest practice in recent two years. Other than releasing her new series of paintings, the exhibition will showcase her trial on sound and video. By A+ Contemporary’s special invitation, the exhibition article is written by curator Yang Zi, providing deeper insights in the changes of Zheng Wenxin’s thoughts on artistic creations. The exhibition continues until 31 December.
The exhibition name “Pieces of Moments” is conceptualized from artist Zheng Wenxin’s sectioning and picking on sounds, images as well as various forms of media. Being different from her past creative thoughts, her new artworks come out of the fragments of usual activities and dynamic ecology on social media platforms. These fragments are selected as exhibiting subjects, alternately presented on canvas. Specifically, the artist herself can be considered as a transfer station. By objectively and orderly collecting, recording her friends’ status and public expressions on social network in the form of sounds, texts, images and multimedia, the artist transforms surrounding online media fragmentations into every touch and stroke on canvas.
The process is just as an uninterrupted alternation between virtual and real space, onscreen and off. Zheng Wenxin’s creation is stereoscopic with multiple layers in it. If Temporary Issues (I&II) directly converts images on screen into planar oil paintings and Virtual Engine appropriately records the torrential stream of online social dynamic, the work “Virtual Engine (I&II)”, one of the major paintings presented in this solo exhibition, is more like the artist’s attempt on reflecting the irresistible driven force behind online social media.
Through her artworks, the artist indicates an indisputable truth that our inter-personal communication in real life has been dissolved and replaced by online activities. At the same time, the artist’s unique drawing language and technique still run through the exhibited artworks. The airy color blocks and harmonious strokes blur the boundary between the cyberspace and the real life, they also fill up the void of a virtual world that the online media have created, enabling the audience to gaze into a parallel dimensionality beyond the reality.

About Artist
Zheng Wenxin graduated from Art college of Xiamen University with a BA in Oil Painting in 1997 and Kent Institute of Art & Design with a MFA in 2001, and participated in Artist Residency project at Kent Institute of Art & Design in 2001 to 2003. Zheng Wenxin currently lives and works in Hangzhou. Her solo exhibitions include: Pieces of Moments (A+ Contemporary, Shanghai, 2017), Here Sun and Moon Float Day and Night: Zheng Wenxin’s Solo Exhibition (Hunsand Space, Beijing, 2015), Silence: Zheng Wenxin Solo Exhibition (Inna Art Space, Hangzhou, 2013). Her selected group exhibitions include: Soft Power—A Group Exhibition of Four Female Artists (Leo Gallery, Shanghai, 2017), Sow (ShanghART Gallery M50, Shanghai, 2017), Each to His Own: Li Wendong|Wei Xingye Collection Exhibition (OCAT Xi’an, Xi’an, 2016), Dissensus Agitation-The Painting to Language(Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2016), I Am Your Labyrinth (1933 Contemporary, 2015), Begin from Chaos (Inna Art Space, Hangzhou, 2014). Her project includes: Creativity Initiated!-Kunting Art Experimental Project (Wu Zuoren International Foundation of Fine Arts, Beijing, 2015).




Virtual Engine I

Virtual Engine II

Temporary Issues I

Temporary Issues II














Virtual Engine