Artist Lin Aojie participated in “Theory Opera” of the 11th Shanghai Biennale and presented his project “Shanghai Biennale Poet”. On the New Year’s Eve of 2016, while Lin was visiting the biennale, he took note of what he encountered and thought during the visit, all of which eventually turned into two poems with their respective videos—The Others and Ensemble. This was the artist’s individual secret mission, which could also be taken as a poetic imagination of the biennale itself.

Having visited the 11th Shanghai Biennale, two poets took seats at the cafe on the fifth floor, and started a fierce debate on the artworks saw at the exhibition. In the end they came up with two poems.

The Others

The Others


wrapped in the will of the shell

we are all people without talent

only the flag flying

the wise man asked us questions

we feel the burning, surprise, confusion

the best oblation

disguised as memory, history and rock

the wise man gave us inspirations

suffering is only written and from dictation

we are unable to have anything and everything is beautiful

the real punishment is about to be lost

no need to struggle

we are proud of us



the world has come to an end

they walked together

the lost road

they went on strike, demanding higher wages, shorter working hours

better food and better health care

not so bad

the projector emits dazzling stars

close to the exhausted body

bare, monument-like

love has long been the death of generator

they are struggling

catch them tripping, so be tamed

today we can really appreciate the worse

question closely

what are we afraid of?

About Artist

Lin Aojie was born in Guangzhou in 1986. Graduated from BA in Oil Painting, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2010, and MA in Experimental Art, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2016, Lin Aojie currently lives and works in Guangzhou. His selected group exhibitions include: OCAT Screens: Rhythm-Analysis (OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen, 2016), The 4th Huayu Youth Award Nominated Artists Group Exhibition (Huayu Resort & Spa Hotel, Sanya, 2016), Ain’t No Chicken outside the Canton (REFORMERart, Shanghai, 2016),  Hinterland Project (Times Museum, Guangzhou, 2015), Floating Garden (Meta Gallery, Shanghai, 2015), The 2nd “CAFAM·Future” Exhibition: Observer-Creator (CAFA Art Museum, Beijing 2015), Experience of Nervousness (Radical Space, Shanghai, 2014). His project includes: Shanghai Biennale Poet (Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2016).