Title / Go Live
Director / Dai Chenlian, He Xun
Artists / Cai Dongdong, Chen Wenbo, Fu Genli, Guo Qiang, He Xun, Ju Anqi, Li Zhenhua, Ning Haoxiang, Wu Wei, Yu Ying, Zeng Hong
Location / Tong Gallery+Projects
Duration / 2016.12.24-2017.2.19

He Xun and Dai Chenlian co-curated exhibition “Go Live” at Tong Gallery+Projects. As one of the participating artists himself, He Xun presented his latest work, Three-Step Sketch from Life. The exhibition is on view through February 19th, 2017.

This exhibition attempts to divide “Go Live” into the specific actions to “Go” and “Live”. In the sense of linguistic game, it can be understood as departing, going outdoor and conducting the practice of painting from life and it can be an elimination of such practice approach. In this exhibition, we will discuss the former one, i.e. going outdoor, stepping into the field and “painting from lived”. Based on this, it is a kind of practice, which contains a process from the experience that we have to bear to the reality (illusion) that we have to confront.

“Go Live” appears to be a corrupt “display of creative work”. All we can do is, firstly investigate whether the action of “Go Live” could be a creation or exhibition, and whether the habits, experience, thoughts and ideas will be or should be involved in the process; secondly explore how we should confront the appeals of realistic reform, resistance, communication in the history and the rapidly developing ideas regarding society, economics, information and arts after we have encountered the practical reality and mental reality. (Text/He Xun)

“Go Live” On-Site Photos

“Sitting at 2.5 meters in front of my latest work, and sketching this picutre as well as its surrounding with words in a piece of paper, I found that the picture, its content, and things outside of it all became the subjects; this is the first step, in other words, using words to sketch a picture, its content and the scene.

Three-Step Sketch from Life: Bacon, Sparrow and Bell (Detail)
Oil on canvas, photo print, text, board, bell, stick
Dimensions variablem

Then when I sat before the newly prepared canvas, and applied the mixture of wet and dry paint left on the palette (the leftover of the aforementioned work) on it, the residue of the previous work started to grow; to take the aforesaid words as the subject of the next sketch on the blanks of the canvas – that was the second step, which involved sketching words by means of words themselves – a simulation of direct representation.

Courtesy of He Xun, Tong Gallery+Projects

Three-Step Sketch from Life: Bacon, Sparrow and Bell (Detail)
Oil on canvas, photo print, text, board, bell, stick
Dimensions variable

After one day, I continued to sketch on the margin of the canvas, and the subject was the textual content in the second step, still by means of words in a comprehensive manner. The work was thus finished. Through three steps of sketching from life, and through the tangle of the illusions from image, reality, content, text, language and paradox for three times – sketching density by density itself, eventually I have not escaped from knowledge, experience, habit, and method, but I also faced the truth itself.

—He Xun

About Artist

He Xun was born in 1984 in Jiangxi. Graduated from BA in Fine Arts, Department of Education, China Academy of Art in 2006, He Xun currently works and lives in Beijing. His selected solo exhibitions include: Rural Rhapsody (A+Contemporary, Shanghai, 2016), Hive · Becoming I: Empty Baggage (Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2013). His selected group exhibitions include: □(organized by A+ Contemporary, Asia Art Center Taipei I + II, Taipei, 2016),Utopia & Beyond (Castello di Rivara Centro d’Arte Contemporanea, Turin, Italy, 2016), Winter Discovery (A Thousand Plateaus Art Space,Chengdu, 2016) , The Twelve Paintings (L-Art Gallery,Chengdu, 2015) , Paratissima 11 (Paratissima, Italy, 2015), Concept and Language in Painting Process (Right View Art Museum, Beijing, 2015), Shanghai Deal (Radical Space, Shanghai, 2015), Happening at the Very Moment – Performance Art in the Contemporary Society (Kong Contemporary Art Agency, Beijing, 2015), Sovrapposizioni Di Immagini (Casa Dei Carraresi Museum, Italy, 2015), Art Discovery (L’OFFICIEL Art Space, Beijing,2015), The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (Pekin Gallery, Beijing, 2015), The Cabinet of Wonder (HeiQiao Art District, Beijing, 2015), Wind Veers to the East – BOAO Asian Art Exposition(BOAO Asian Style Plaza, Hainan, 2015) , Drawing Stars Overseas – History and Culture Exhibition of Sino-African Maritime Silk Road (Tanzania National Museum, Dar es Salaam, 2014) , BBCT 1 (MAMALA Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, 2014) , Carnival–Hei Qiao Artist Community (Mizuma and One Gallery, Beijing, 2012) , Clumsy Birds Have to Do an Early Start–Contemporary Art Exhibition (China Academy of Art Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou, 2005).